Performance Booster is a highly effective, personal development program, which addresses the individual’s strengths and challenges in all life areas and provides you with tools to lead a significantly more fulfilling, happier and complete life. Our motto is “We grow people; people grow business”. Aspects that individuals could gain are confidence, focus, direction and a shift in attitude, which assists the employee in becoming more actively engaged. We believe that one needs to be able to manage oneself before you can even think of managing anything or anyone else.

Brenda provides a platform for individuals to share, giving the delegates the opportunity to create a growth mindset. You leave at the end of the two days with your most challenging goal set, with a written action plan, a vision board and the tools to make it happen. We focus on attitude, integrity, affirmations, self-discipline and the power of the subconscious mind / thoughts and words. We address employee engagement from a slightly different angle – by focusing on personal growth.

The Personal Success Profile that each delegate completes is a behaviour profile, which is a snapshot of where you are at right now and is used as a tool to identify how your behaviour can be modified.